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Knoxville churchFamily Life Worship Center (FLWC) is an officially chartered, full member church of the Missionary Church USA. We held our chartering service on March 14, 2004 with East Central District Superintendent, Jon Wenger, presiding. The denomination voted to accept us as full members April 16, 2004.

Our history goes back much further however. As the founding pastor/church planter of FLWC, it is important to me that each new member be aware of the roots of the church. There is good biblical precedence for recalling the legacy of the people of God for each new generation and for newcomers to the household of faith. It is in that spirit that this section is offered.

The planting of FLWC has truly been a work of God. It was not my original intent to plant a church at all. I started a musical group, RECONCILED, with the expressed intention of, “using culturally relevant music to facilitate healing within the Body of Christ.” In my church history with so many different church traditions, I had learned that most of the people in mainstream evangelical churches all love Jesus and actually have more in common than not. Besides, Jesus said that it was by loving one another that all men would know that we are His disciples, not by getting all of our doctrine agreed upon. He promised that when we were one, as He and the Father are one, that the world would recognize that it was the Father that sent Him!

RECONCILED had a core group of singers but borrowed most of our instrumentalists from various local churches with the idea of getting parts of the worship communities to work together and set aside their differences long enough to celebrate Jesus together. The group had significant but unheralded success and it became clear that God was calling me to plant a church that modeled the ministry concept of the band. Since we borrowed so much music from the Vineyard, I assumed that I was to be a Vineyard pastor and set about making that happen. That was NOT God’s purposes at that time!

After I wrestled for sometime with the Lord, He supernaturally opened the door from Terri and I to become church planters for the Missionary Church USA. I had not heard of them before 2001. We began in 2002 by having a weekly Bible study and monthly times to worship.  We would have to borrow musicians or invite teams in just to have worship. At some point in 2003 a building became available to us every week, and we began to have weekly services. I am not sure exactly how it all happened but it continues still today. In October 2013 the Lord brought us full circle and we joined forces with Knoxville Vineyard and became Knoxville Vineyard Family Life Worship Center. In July 2016, when the Vineyard moved to a more organic church model, Family Life Worship Center joined forces with Lighthouse Christian Church in Powell, TN.

We have provided musicians and dancers for other churches, gone and led the worship for other churches, conducted services for the homeless, served in a nursing home, supported missionaries and a halfway house in Siberia, participated in “Worship In The Park,” with numerous local congregations, and facilitated “A Time To Worship” events. In 2012 we initiated the city-wide prayer movement, Gathering Knoxville. We now have Bylaws, a Membership Covenant, a tax number, a charter, and are actually fairly well organized. We even have a class for newcomers! What will your being here add to the mix?

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