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Angel Food, the precursor to One Harvest Ministries, was an integral part of our benevolence ministry at FLWC for many years. Our participation in Angel Food was the “brain-child” of my late, beloved brother-in-law, Larry Sanderson. When Angel Food went out of business, my other beloved late brother-in-law, Mike Canada, led FLWC to serve as a local host site for One Harvest. It is my prayer and intention as the Senior Pastor, that as long as there is a Family Life Worship Center, there will be a food ministry that remembers them and their desire to feed people.

Just as we thought that our food ministry was coming to an end, God sent us a

Directors of “Believe Ministries”

new couple that was fully committed to feeding the poor, Ron & Deb Wentworth. They actually started working with Mike Canada before he passed and before One Harvest went out of business. Here’s how they describe what they brought to Family Life Worship Center:

“The food ministry was started several years ago by Mike & Gail Shelby of Eternal Vision Ministries. This past year, a subsidiary of Eternal Vision was created in Gail’s honor, since her passion [like Larry and Mike’s] was to help those in need. We have put our ministry under that branch. We always tell people that we are a part of Eternal Vision/Believe Ministries.”

While Believe Ministries does much more than provide food for those in need (Christmas gifts for children’s groups, etc.), the Food Ministry part of Believe Ministries is currently affiliated with 9 different churches, and 6 or more, para-church ministry leaders who help others and feed those in need. Believe Ministries serves from Newport to Washburn, to Chattanooga. Family Life Worship Center not only participates in serving with Believe Ministries, but we are one of those 9 churches reaping the benefit. We will always announce when we get a food shipment in through our FaceBook Page.

This is truly a ministry after the heart of Jesus, “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat … Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you … whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:35-40).



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