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The purpose of FLWC’s Childcare, and Children’s Church is to safeguard our children, stimulate the right questions regarding Biblical truth and a personal encounter with Christ, and to steer them toward full assimilation within the church.


Every parent has the right to expect that their child will be safe and cared for while at church. This includes protection from one another if necessary!


Students will be taught age appropriate Bible stories and the basic teachings of the Christian faith. They will grow in their faith skills of Bible study, prayer and worship, with the hope of stimulating their natural curiosity about the things of God and a personal encounter with Christ.


It has been my observation that without proper preparation, young people can come into the “adult” worship service and feel lost. Our prayer is that each of our young people come to faith in Christ at an early age, and that there is a natural transition for them at each stage in their development.

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