Prayer Ministry


The Prayer ministry at FLWC is completely disproportionate to the size of the church. We have an ongoing relationship with the Center Prayer Movement, so we routinely host and/or support CPM events.

When we were invited and sent a worship team to “David’s Tent: 40 Days of Worship and Prayer” in Washington DC during the 40 days leading up to the national elections of 2012, Family Life Worship Center took the initiative to launch “Gathering Knoxville: 40 Days of Worship and Prayer” that eventually evolved into “Gathering Knoxville: Unceasing Worship and Prayer.”

Gathering Knoxville has participated not only in our own fall campaign each year since 2012 (with the exception being 2013), but we have also daughtered David’s Tent Knoxville, cultivated an ongoing relationship with the state, regional, and national leadership of David’s Tent, and we participated in “Awaken The Dawn” in 2017. We served at the inaugural gathering of Pray Knox and are actively cultivating an even broader prayer network.

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