Women’s Ministry

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at Family Life Worship Center follows the Biblical model of, “older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children,” and the overarching philosophy of our church as a family integrated church. Their events are fun, edifying, and involve all the females from grandmothers down to the young girls. This ministry includes:

  • Queen For A Day
  • Christmas Tea Parties


Once a quarter, we will get together for brunch, fellowship and fun with the main purpose being to honor the one chosen as “Queen”.  The day is filled with food, flowers, gifts, games, prizes, surprises, stories, love and laughter.  At the end of the party our Queen draws the name of our next honoree.  Our “previously-crowned” Queens are not eligible again until all ladies have been crowned and celebrated.


The purpose of this ministry is four-fold:

(1) Provide opportunities to celebrate each woman – one person at a time.

(2) To create, strengthen and secure a bond of friendship between the women of the church.

(3) Devote our time together to building up one another in love and faith.

(4) We honor God by learning and exemplifying unconditional love as He loves us.


(1) Women are givers, usually to the point of exhaustion.

(2) We forget to put ourselves “on the list” most of the time.

(3) We are often taken for granted and seldom celebrated.

(4) We love parties and presents!

(5) We all need true friends.

When we faithfully love, support and pray for each other we are devoting our lives to good things, not the things of this world.  We celebrate our victories together and face life’s challenges together.  We can stand united against jealousy and gossip that seeks to destroys us and concentrate on God’s work and His plan for our lives.


A special time for all of the women in the family, young and old alike, to come together and remember how much we love each other. It’s a time to remember the special feelings and fond memories of Christmas. It’s a time to establish meaningful traditions in the lives of the young girls.

“We put on our Sunday best clothes, we pour love into the special food and drink that we prepare, and we share one another’s company.”

“When the grandmother of the family begins to read the story ‘A Cup of Christmas Tea,’ all of the second generation mothers begin to weep with tenderness and the joy of being part of a family”

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