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Worship – loving God with all of your heart – is not only the first of our core values at Family Life Worship Center, but it is also part of our name, and that’s intentional. We are by design a Worship Center. Our goal in worship is to touch or “kiss toward” God with our deepest love and devotion. It seems significant to us that in a church without any paid staff, the Holy Spirit has seen fit to put on deposit an anointed worship leader, songwriting psalmists, and a full stage band comprised of musicians and vocalists both from FLWC and Lighthouse Christian Church.

Family Life Worship Center was planted in order to emulate the model of the worship team, RECONCILED, “getting parts of the worship communities to work together and set aside their differences long enough to celebrate Jesus together.” There is diversity in the style and genre of music from one Sunday to the next. We use the medium of music in an attempt to bring healing to the Body of Christ.

We have provided musicians and dancers for other churches, gone and led the worship for other churches, conducted services for the homeless, served in a nursing home, participated in “Worship In The Park,” with numerous local congregations, sent a worship team to “David’s Tent” in Washington D.C. facilitated “A Time To Worship” events, and provided the touring band for Gathering Knoxville since 2012.

“A Time To Worship” was an initiative by Family Life Worship Center to bring the worship communities of different churches together for “A Time To Worship.” The concept is to have a host church with a host Praise and Worship team serve as the “warm-up” band and then have 2 or 3 other bands lead worship sets. No preaching, no denominational baggage, no musical style issues, no doctrinal fighting, just coming together to celebrate Jesus and bear witness to the world that we are His disciples and that it was the Father that sent Him (John 13:34-35, 17:20-21).



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